What Is The Difference Between A TSX Vibrating Screen And A Tumbler Screen?

Vibrating screen and tumbler screen are different, so how to choose when the customer makes a purchase? The following is the difference between the two different sieves.
1. Vibrating screen and tumbler screen are very different under the appearance, the tumbler screen is a cylinder, a cylinder, it is mainly composed of motor, reducer, tumbler device, screen, frame, sealing cover, inlet and outlet, while the vibrating screen is named by the trajectory of movement, is to use vibration to screen the material, the components are not quite the same.
2. Two sieves in the field of application to different, screening materials are not the same, tumbler screen screening materials are smaller like dust, so the effect will be better. Vibrating screen screening materials have 0-5mm, 0-300mm, etc., suitable for use in mines, construction.
3. Different working principle
When the tumbler screen operates, it rotates at an angle, and the screened material and the screened material are discharged at different openings. The vibrating screen relies on the vibration of the screen plate to drive the material to jump on the screen plate.
4. Different trajectories of materials

Some of the trajectories are circular and some are straight.Each of the two sieves has its own differences and advantages, so you should choose according to your needs.
5. Tilt angle is different
There is a certain tilt angle is good for screening, will prevent the screen surface blockage, will also make the screening efficiency higher, the tilt angle of the trommel screen is 5-30 °, circular vibrating screen tilt angle of 20 ° is more appropriate, linear vibrating screen tilt angle is very small, between 0-8 °.

6. Different inclination of the screen surface
The proper tilt angle can make the material have proper throwing strength, neither pile up on the screen surface, nor swept through the screen hole quickly.

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TSX Screen

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