What Is The Difference Between Roller Screen VS Vibrating Screen?

What does trommel do?

It is bent into a trommel . When we feed the material into the ore sieve, the whole machine is sorted by rotating the trommel. During the rotation of the cylindrical sieve, materials with high water content tumble around. At the same time, air is added to the process, making the sand lighter and much less water.

It is a type of mining equipment and consists of a trommel with a number of holes in the front of the drum, and the holes are of a specific size.

Trommel can separate and classify materials, but also widely used in urban life in the waste plant and waste treatment industry of heavy duty screen, the scope of application is also diverse. But this machine can only be carried out smoothly through human operation, which is simple, convenient and safe. It is a kind of high-efficiency machine that plays an important role in our life.

What is a Vibrating screen?

Vibrating screen is actually a device made of high speed mechanical vibrating screen surface, because of high speed vibration, suitable for screening ore, coal or other small materials. The single screen explains how the Vibrating screen works, and it is placed on an inclined frame that is mounted on a spring to make it work.

Why does it Vibrating screen? It’s because the Vibrating screen is caused by an imbalance of the low wheels. When the low wheel is working, it produces extremely erratic motion. In quarries and quarries with limited sites, it is not difficult to find that the size of the shaker is less important when applied to these scenarios with simple screens.

The advantages of Vibrating screen: because the vibration frequency of Vibrating screen is fast, strong, which can effectively reduce the material blocking screen phenomenon, can also extend the service life of the screen, improve the production efficiency of the Vibrating screen; The structure of the Vibrating screen is also very simple to understand, when the screen surface is bad can also be removed, very convenient.


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