What Is The Difference Between The Working Principle Of Circular Vibrating Screen And High Frequency Screen?

TSX vibrating screen is divided into linear screen, banana screen, circular vibrating screen, high frequency screen, arc screen, etc., the role of each vibrating screen is not the same there will be some problems in this regard, circular vibrating screen for material classification, high frequency screen for material dewatering below describes the difference between the working principle of high frequency screen and circular vibrating screen.

The working principle of circular vibrating screen is that its vibration source is the vibration generated around the shaft, and the direction changes at any time, its power is centrifugal force, its working principle is that the vibrating screen starts to do jumping motion by vibrating together, the motion track is circular, through vibration, the screen surface will also receive vibration force, the material on the screen surface will be screened out through the screen hole, the small material will reach the next layer, the large material will stay on the screen surface, and finally from The inclination angle The inclination angle is generally 15-25 degrees.

The high frequency sieve frequency will destroy the surface tension of the material and make the material vibrate at high speed on the sieve plate, which accelerates the separation speed of the material and increases the contact probability between the object and the sieve hole, and makes the material sieve more efficiently to form better separation conditions.

High frequency vibrating screen can be used for wet separation, dewatering, which will have different screening methods for different materials, for high frequency sieve, the inclination angle of the wet screening device is generally about 25 degrees, according to the size of the feed to adjust the inclination angle of the screen surface, when the inclination angle of 55 degrees when the screening efficiency of about 75%.

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