What Is The Difference Between Trommel And Vibrating Screen?

The difference between the roller screen and the vibrating screen is that the screening area and the operation form are different, and the particle size of the material handled is different!

The vibrating sand screen is rectangular in shape and adopts a unique screen pressing structure design, so that the materials will not be mixed together and the screening accuracy can be adjusted. The main structure of the drum sand screen is a screen cylinder, which is composed of several round screens. The whole machine is inclined relative to the ground, and the outside is sealed by an isolation cover, which can effectively prevent external dust from entering or materials from spilling to pollute the environment.

The materials with holes are left on the screen surface for screening and classification. While the drum sand screen will not vibrate during the sand screening process. Instead, the motor and reducer rotate the drum through bearings. The material in the drum will change due to the rotation of the drum and the size of the screen hole, so that the sand can be filtered out successfully.

Vibrating sand screening machine is a new type of screening equipment, which can be widely used in food, refractory, light industry, chemical industry, fertilizer, plastic, abrasive and other industries. It is mainly used for screening large particle materials or coarse particle powder materials. As a mining screening equipment, the drum sand screen is mainly used for sand gravel separation.

TSX sieve plate has the leading level in China. The stainless steel sieve plate with polyurethane frame has a high opening rate, which is convenient for installation, and also greatly reduces the vibration noise. Moreover, the size of a single piece is small, which is convenient for replacing local worn parts. The polyurethane sieve plate is light in weight, which can greatly reduce the load of the machine, save energy and consumption, and has good wear resistance.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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