What Is The Difference Between TSX Circular Motion Vibrating Screen And Elliptical Vibrating Screen?

As a screening equipment with eccentric shaft, the elliptical vibrating screen has the functions of staged desliming, etc. Its power failure is mainly on the vibrator of the vibrating screen

Elliptical vibrating screen is a screening equipment which takes the eccentric vibrator of three-axis block as the excitation source, the rubber support spring as the elastic element, and the vibrator as the movable part. The three shafts of the circular vibrating screen are equipped with eccentric blocks with equal eccentric mass and same eccentric radius.

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve

The power is transmitted from the exciting motor to the driving shaft through the belt, and then transmitted through the gear to make the three shafts rotate at the same speed, thus generating the exciting force, making the screen body perform continuous elliptical movement. The TSX circular motion vibrating screen uses rolling bearings on both sides of the screen body. The two ends of the eccentric driver are installed in the rolling bearings. A disc is equipped on both sides of the shaft, that is, an eccentric wheel. A belt is used to connect the eccentric wheel and the motor.

The TSX circular motion vibrating screen drives the vibration of the screen according to the vibration of the vibration excitation unit to make the material move in a circular manner. The material is divided into two parts according to the neutrality and inertia during the movement. The small part is screened under the sieve plate, and the large part is screened out from the inlet.

TSX circular motion vibrating screen is light in weight, strong in strength, low in noise, stable in equipment, long in service life, low in energy consumption and maintenance free. The sieve plate used is an exclusive design, leading the domestic level. SKF special bearing is adopted for the vibration exciter to prolong the service life.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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