What Is The Difference Between TSX Horizontal Vibrating Screen And Circular Vibrating Screen Exciter?

There are mainly three types of exciters for TSX vibrating screen: ZDQ double vibrating exciter, RDQ single vibrating exciter and exciting motor. ZDQ double shaft vibration exciter is used for horizontal vibrating screen, and RDQ single shaft vibration exciter is used for circular screen. The difference between the two is not small.

The ZDQ double axis vibration exciter of TSX horizontal vibrating screen drives the equipment to move in an approximate straight line with animal material, while the RDQ single axis vibration exciter of TSX circular screen moves in an approximate circular way with animal material.

The single axis vibration exciter can generate unidirectional or multi-directional excitation force, which is used internally with high-strength bolts to make its interior closed. The disassembly and maintenance of the double shaft vibration exciter shall be carried out in a clean place, and all parts shall be kept clean before assembly. All spare parts shall be coated with proper amount of lubricating oil, and the sealing ring shall be carefully checked.

TSX vibrating screen is light in weight, low in energy consumption, low in operating noise and easy to maintain. All parts of the screen body are sandblasted, and all mating surfaces are waterproof and sealed to prevent water and corrosion. The vibration exciter adopts SKF special bearing, with large excitation force, low noise, and long service life.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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