What Is The Effect Of Amplitude Of Vibrating Screen?

The effect of affecting the amplitude of the vibrating screen: when the amplitude of the vibrating screen is large, the screening force on the material will increase, which is conducive to reducing the phenomenon of clogging of the screen holes. When the blockage of the screen holes is alleviated, the material layering will become very easy, so when the amplitude of the vibrating screen increases, it is conducive to the conveying of the material and the increase of the screening amount.

However, this is also limited, and the amplitude cannot be allowed to exceed the requirements. Once the requirements are exceeded, the damage to the equipment will become more and more serious.

On the contrary, if the amplitude of vibrating screen is too small, the screening force of large materials cannot be satisfied, which will lead to clogging of the screen holes, which is not conducive to the screening of large materials.

Once the screen holes are blocked, the stratification of materials will be affected. But in fact, the damage to the equipment is relatively small, so we need to adjust the appropriate amplitude of vibrating screen requirements according to the vibrating screen, so that the service life of the vibrating screen plate and the exciter will be extended.

After the screening force is enhanced, the material will be easier to be screened, and the clogging of the screen mesh holes will be improved, the screening rate will be enhanced, and at the same time It is also conducive to the stratification of materials. But the amplitude of vibrating screen is not as large as possible, because if the amplitude is too large, it will be more destructive to the vibrating screen itself.

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