What Is The Function Of Aggregate Vibrating Screen?

The aggregate vibrating screen is to separate the material from the aggregate of other materials. Roughly the same design as a general vibrating screen, there are screen plates that allow smaller diameter materials to flow through the screen holes into the container below.

The biggest advantage of the aggregate vibrating screen is that the screened materials can be separated into products of different specifications. The material can be screened from the aggregate vibrating screen or fed from the existing material pile, which greatly improves the working rate. The sieve plates or sieve holes of different sizes are distributed on each level. The different end products end up on conveyor belts for transport.

Aggregate vibrating screen are indispensable equipment in the entire production industry. Ore mining, crushed stone screening, and construction waste screening all rely on the production of aggregate vibrating screen to build and maintain their own products. There are many machines used in the production of aggregate vibrating screen, including conveyors, feeders, crushers, screening machines, etc.

The aggregate vibrating screen is also classified in the particle size of the sieve, and the size of the sieve hole can be selected according to the size of the material. The whole sieve body is divided into two sections, the front and the back, and the inclination angle of each section is different, but they can be combined to achieve high-efficiency screening.

If the material is too large, it can also be solved by increasing the number of layers of the sieve plate, because the effect of one layer of screening may not be good if the particle size of the material is large. After two layers of screening, the material can be fully screened and screened. The overall granularity will then be reduced. The overall structure of the aggregate screen is relatively closed, which can meet the requirements of environmental protection.

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