What Is The Function Of Rubber Strip Used For Minning Vibrating Screen?

The standard vibrating screen is equipped with rubber sealing strips when there is no special situation for customers. Junyi produces all kinds of rubber materials, such as EPDM, silicone rubber, PVC rubber and plastic rubber, which are mainly used for materials with special characteristics and on the separate grid frame and dust cover of sub grid and main grid.

These kinds of rubbers have their own advantages. When the time comes, customers will first explain what specifications and other requirements they want to purchase.

Characteristics of the sealing strip of the vibrating screen: When purchasing the vibrating screen, you should also pay attention to selecting the sealing strip that is more suitable for the materials you are screening, otherwise it is likely to increase the switch of the fragile parts of the equipment. The rubber sealing strip of the vibrating screen produced by our factory has the advantages of high quality, accurate model and specification, low price, direct sales by the manufacturer, good reputation, etc

The mesh screen surface is the strongest screen surface punched on the steel plate. It is mainly used for the classification of large materials, such as coal mines and sand mines.

According to the particle size of the material to be screened on the mine vibrating screen and the technological requirements of screening operation, there are basically two kinds of screen screens, one is the meshscreen and the other is the bar screen.

Bar screen surface is supported by a group of bars with a certain section shape arranged in parallel and fixed on a solid beam. It is characterized by smooth screen surface and good blocking resistance The screen hole size is the gap width between the bars. The bar screen surface is mainly used on static fixed screens and heavy vibrating screens to screen raw ore from the ore.

In order to prevent the damage of the shale shaker caused by the swing of the screen body and the collision with the carriage during transportation, the transportation support frame will be installed between the base of the shale shaker and the box when leaving the factory to fix the shale shaker and prevent the collision.

The transportation support needs to be removed before the shale shaker is put into use, and the shale shaker will be powered on directly without removing the transportation support frame, The linear screen will move irregularly, which is easy to cause personal injury.

As long as the customer pays a little attention to the small problems we mentioned, he believes that the equipment will operate normally even after a long journey, avoiding unnecessary trouble for production.

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