What Is The Function Of TSX Banana Vibrating Screen?

Banana screen is a kind of common vibrating screen. It has three forms, one layer, two layers and three layers. There are many different models for different forms.

TSX banana sieve is mainly used for grading, desliming and disintermediation. It uses woven sieve plate, perforated sieve plate, slotted sieve plate, bar sieve plate and polyurethane sieve plate. The feeding strength of 0-300mm makes it more applicable to the classification of large and medium size coal and non-coal materials in mines.


The vibration exciter used is the double shaft vibration exciter of ZDQ. The two vibration exciters are connected by an intermediate shaft to ensure that the vibration exciters on both sides operate at the same time. The shell is also designed using the finite element analysis method. HUCK rivets are used to connect the joints, and paint is used to prevent corrosion and rust.

The design of narrow upper beam and wide lower beam strengthens its own strength and reduces the wear of materials. The sieve plate structure has independent intellectual property rights, and the technology is leading in China.

Under the action of the exciting force, the TSX banana screen continuously ejects materials from the screen surface to the discharge end to form logistics. The greater the screen surface inclination, the faster the logistics speed. The feeding end has a lot of materials, but the screen surface has a large inclination angle, which speeds up the movement of materials, thins the material layer rapidly, and layers quickly. The screen surface at the middle section and discharge end deals with the materials that have passed through a part of the screen in the front section by section. The materials gradually decrease, and the flow rate at the dip angle gradually decreases. This is how it works.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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