What Is The Image Of TSX Sieve Bend Vibrating Screen?

TSX arc sieve, divided into vibrating screen and non-vibrating and vibrating screen with excitation motor, non-vibrating without motor, arc sieve function for dewatering, arc sieve screen plate selection arc screen plate, exciter for excitation motor, feed size: 0-5mm for coal mine froth, coal slurry transmission process dewatering desubstantiation, can also be used for non-coal fine sand dewatering, material Q235. For coal plants, fine sand plants, chemical plants, building materials, waste disposal, quarries and other industries. chemical plants, building materials land, waste disposal, quarries and other industries. It has the characteristics of high quality, simple operation, low noise and convenient repair.

When the curved screen is working, the material enters the screen surface in tangential direction, due to the action of centrifuge, the material will do horizontal movement on the screen plate, and flow against the screen surface from once to the other side of the screen bar, each screen bar has a cutting effect on the material, the part that is cut will be discharged through the screen slit, and the material that is not cut will stay on top of the screen plate and become the screen material.
TSX company has two types of seat type and hanging type for your choice, the arc screen is mainly composed of screen plate and screen frame, the screen plate is made of arc screen plate, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high opening rate, etc., and the screen frame has a central rotation axis in the middle, the following are its product pictures.



TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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