What Is The Industrial TSX Vibrating Screen?

Analysis and introduction of different types of industrial vibrating screen

Most vibrating screens consist of multiple sieve plates. When multi-layer vibrating screen is used, the feeding amount is the highest for the upper coarse screen; The products under the screen fall on the surface of the lower screen, so a series of screen by-products with different particle sizes can be produced.

  1. Inclined sieve

Inclined screen or round screen is a widely used screening machine. Usually, the eccentric weight on a single drive shaft or the rotation of the inertia wheel generates a vertical circular or elliptical mechanical vibration. Adjust the amplitude of the eccentric by increasing or decreasing the important bolts of the continuous inertia wheel.

The direction of rotation can be upstream or downstream. The reverse movement slows down the material speed, thus effectively improving the screening separation, while the forward movement can obtain greater production capacity. The single drive screen must be installed at an angle of 15 °~28 ° to make the material move along the screen surface

  1. Lattice sieve

Very coarse materials are usually screened with inclined screens, which are called mesh screens. Parallel steel bars or rails shall be placed at a certain distance along the direction of ore movement. The grid clearance of the screen is generally greater than 50mm, generally 300mm, and the upper limit of feeding is 1m. Vibrating screen is generally called 20 ° inclination, and is equipped with periodic throwing mechanism.

The maximum processing capacity of the equipment exceeds 5000t/h. The grid screen in beneficiation is mainly used to screen the feed of coarse crusher and intermediate crusher. If the setting value of the crusher is 100 mm, the feed shall pass through the 100 mm screen to reduce the load of the crusher.

The grid is usually made of wear-resistant manganese steel, and the conical grid is usually used, that is, the screen hole is gradually widened towards the discharge end of the screen to avoid the rock wedged between the grids. The convex surface or sharp plane at the top of the screen improves its wear resistance, and prevents the materials under the screen from becoming materials on the screen because they stick to the screen.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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