What Is The Installation Operation Of Dewatering Vibrating Screen?

First, dewatering vibrating screen model

The role of dewatering vibrating screen is many, can be used for sand washing and dehydration of sand and stone plant, coal preparation plant mud recovery, tailings dry discharge, so often hear someone talking about sand and stone dewatering vibrating screen, mine dewatering vibrating screen, mud dewatering vibrating screen, high frequency dewatering vibrating screen, tailing dewatering vibrating screen, etc.

High Frequency Sand Mesh Sieve Sieve Bends Sand Mesh Sieve

At the time of purchase, you need the manufacturer to give yourself a piece of equipment parameters, understand the processing capacity of the equipment, dewatering vibrating screen is no exception. From the equipment parameters can know the different types of dewatering vibrating screen, the number of layers, screen size, amplitude, vibration, feed size, power and production capacity. Two, dewatering vibrating screen installation matters needing attention

  1. Before installation

(1) Check whether the package is intact and damp.

(2) Whether the motor is deformed and damaged in the transportation link, whether the parts are complete, and whether the fasteners are loose and fall off.

(3) Whether the motor nameplate data meets the regulations.


(4) The insulation resistance of the stator winding to the ground shall not be less than 20 megohm by 500V megohm meter. Otherwise, the stator windings should be dried, and the average temperature should be taken during drying, not more than 120℃.

  1. During the installation

(1) Check whether the ring is tightened before lifting.

(2) The roughness of the base surface of vibration machinery and motor should not be less than 6.3.

(3) Anchor bolts shall be of 8.8 strength and shall be locked with check nuts or spring washers to prevent loosening.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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