What Is The Installation Process Of The TSX Vibrating Feeder Hopper?

Installation process of vibrating screen feeder hopper

The hopper on the vibrating screen feeder is a crucial part. How to correctly install the hopper determines whether the feeder equipment can operate normally and the length of time for normal operation.

First, fix the fixed hopper on the flange at the lower part of the storage bin with bolts, and then hang the vibrating hopper under the fixed hopper with a damping device. The gap between the lower plane of the fixed hopper and the upper plane of the vibrating hopper is sealed with a rubber sleeve. Attention shall be paid to the 10-20mm gap between the discharge port and the receiving port of the vibrating hopper.

Secondly, adjust the position of the damping device to make the upper plane of the vibrating bucket parallel to the lower plane of the fixed bucket, with a clearance of 10-30mm; There are three kinds of activators with different diameters in the vibrating hopper.

The appropriate activators are selected according to the material properties and particle size, and are fastened on the support frame of the vibrating hopper with bolts.

Finally, adjust the exciting force of the vibration motor to make the feeding amount meet the requirements. A frequency conversion control box can be equipped to realize manual and automatic control of the feeding amount.

After the test run, check whether the anchor bolts of the motor, damping device and other vibration parts are loose. After formal production, regular inspection shall be carried out and any looseness found shall be handled in time. Proper installation of the feeder hopper can ensure the good operation of the vibrating feeder.

The installation is no trivial matter, please pay attention to it.

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