What Is The Main Application Scope Of The TSX Vibration Screen?

The application range of vibration screen is very wide, involving almost every aspect of our life, in the processing and manufacturing process need to use different types of vibration sieve. Vibrating screen is mainly used in mining, coal, smelting, building materials, refractory materials, chemical industry, medicine, food and other industries. Among them, the vibration sieve is the most abundant in the metallurgical industry.

The vibration screen is the most abundant in the metallurgical industry.

Some or all of the minerals in the ore or concentrate at high temperature through a series of physical and chemical changes, to produce another form of compounds or single particles, respectively enriched in the gas, liquid or solid products, to achieve the purpose of separating the metal to be extracted from the gangue and other impurities. This metallurgical method we call it pyrometallurgy. Its raw material is the ore. Mining of the ore requires equipment, including vibrating screens.

After the products of pyrometallurgy are cooled, there are some impurities to be filtered out to get the extracted metal. The process requires a special metallurgical vibrating screen. This vibration screen should be high temperature resistant, have a very good ductility, high efficiency. Metallurgical vibrating screen is widely used in the metallurgical industry, and is often used to screen useful metals and remove useless impurities.

Metallurgical sieve machines can also be used in front of the metallurgical process for ore screening, so that the size of the ore benefits from smelting. Especially in the hydrometallurgy process, the size of the ore directly affects the speed of the metallurgical process.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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