What Is The Main Calculation Of The Vibrating Screen Spring?

As we know, vibrating screen is mainly composed of vibrator, screen box, supporting device, transmission device, etc. Among them, there are two types of support devices for vibrating screen: hanger type and pedestal type.

The installation height of seat type is low and simple, so it should be preferred.  Rubber springs are widely used in vibrating screens because of their compact structure, convenient installation and disassembly, good vibration absorption and limiting performance, and the ability to withstand compression and shear deformation at the same time.

As an important elastic element of the inertial vibrating screen, the support spring is both the main vibrating spring and the vibration isolation spring. Its performance directly affects the screening effect of the vibrating screen. Therefore, we need to accurately calculate the vibrating screen spring to make it reach the ideal operating state, so that the screening efficiency and effect can be reliably guaranteed.

When designing the spring, it is also necessary to ensure that the static deformation of the spring is greater than the amplitude and the height of the limiting device, otherwise, the engine body will be too large in amplitude, which will instantly make the engine body separate from the spring. The user can adjust the amplitude by controlling the eccentric block.

The particle size of the material shall be fully considered in the amplitude calculation of the vibrating screen. The design of small amplitude and high frequency shall be adopted, so that the material can move evenly on the screen surface and avoid blocking the mesh.

In the design of vibrating screen, the calculation of vibrating screen centroid is also an important work. The center of mass not only affects the motion track of the vibrating screen, but also affects its motion parameters, such as amplitude and vibration direction. It is also the basis for spring layout.

The calculation method of vibrating screen centroid can be divided into manual calculation and special software calculation on microcomputer. Manual calculation is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also easy to make mistakes, and the calculation accuracy is not high;

The software calculation is relatively fast and accurate. It only needs to modify a few original data, and the results can be obtained in a few seconds. After several adjustments, satisfactory results can be achieved.

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