What Is The Maintenance Of Vibrating Screen Crusher?

1、 Routine maintenance of vibrating screen crusher

  1. Before startup: check whether the screen is damaged; Whether each group of tie rings is locked;
  2. When enabled: note whether there is abnormal noise; Whether the current is stable; Whether the vibration is abnormal;
  3. After use: clean up after each use;
  4. Tighten in time when loosening; Regularly clean the screen surface, repair, derust and paint the parts where paint peel falls off in time, and apply industrial vaseline on the exposed surface to prevent rust.

2、 Periodic maintenance of vibrating screen crusher

  1. The grease of the motor bearing shall be replenished regularly, generally once every 2-3 months; Oil gun shall be used to inject or disassemble the lubricating parts of the motor at the oil nozzle for oil injection; The oil injection amount is one-third to half to one drop of the bearing chamber volume; Note: if the environmental pollution is serious, add oil once every 20 days and clean the motor bearing once every 2 months;
  2. Generally, the motor is subject to minor repair once every 4-6 months and major repair once a year; During minor repair, remove dust from the body, observe whether the insulation resistance of coil drops and wiring are firm, and remove hidden dangers; During overhaul, the motor shall be turned on to remove the accumulated dust inside and outside the machine body, observe the wear of bearing drops, observe whether the joints, grounding and fastening bolts are loose and fastened, and replace with new grease drops;
  3. The binding and bolt fastening of the motor coil shall be firm and reliable, and the cable, oil seal and dust pad shall be intact without damage; Supplementary instructions: when the motor is installed on the equipment, attention should be paid to that it is better to restrain the motor dripping line from being dropped onto the motor or bundled to prevent the motor outgoing line and the motor from pulling or the line’s personal weight in the process of equipment vibration, and it is easy to pull off the motor connector for a long time;
  4. Observe the fastening of the bolts of the exciter, screen surface, supporting device, etc., and tighten them when the equipment is loose; Observe the use condition of the transmission device and the locking condition of the connecting bolt, observe the tension of the V-belt, and tighten it if necessary; When observing the sieve, the vibrating screen crushermust pay special attention to check whether the unbalanced weight dropped on the flywheel is fixed reliably.
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