What Is The Meaning Of The Deck Of The TSX Vibrating Screen?

The screen deck is the basic component of the vibrating screen, on which there are many screen holes with certain shape and size. When screening stone on a screen surface, the stone passing through the screen hole is the product under the screen, and the stone left on the screen surface is called the product on the screen. According to the structure of screen surface, screen surface can be divided into bar screen surface, plate screen surface, braided screen surface and wavy screen surface.

(1) Bar screen deck. The bar screen surface is composed of steel bars with special-shaped sections arranged in parallel. Section shapes of various bars. This kind of screen surface is mostly used on fixed screens or heavy vibrating screens, and is suitable for screening of coarse stone with particle size greater than 50M.

(2) Plate screen deck. The plate screen surface is usually composed of 5-8M thick steel plate, and the thickness of the steel plate is generally not more than 12mm. The shapes of sieve openings are round, square and rectangular. The hole diameter or side length shall not be less than o.75M, and the gap between holes shall be greater than or equal to 0.9 times of the hole diameter or side length. The screen surface has the advantages of uniform wear, long service life, and difficult clogging of the screen hole; The disadvantage is that the effective area is small.

(3) Woven screen deck. The woven screen surface is braided or welded with reinforcement with a diameter of 3-16M. The shape of the sieve opening is square, rectangular or rectangular. Woven screen surface with square mesh. The advantages of braided screen surface are high porosity, light weight and convenient manufacturing; The disadvantage is short service life. In order to improve the service life of the woven screen surface, the steel wire shall be made of spring steel or stainless steel. The woven screen surface is suitable for screening medium sewing grade stone poles.

(4) Wave shaped screen deck. The wavy screen surface is composed of screen bars pressed into wavy shapes. The shape of the wavy screen surface, and the adjacent screen bars form the screen openings. In order to facilitate the falling of the stone, the cross section of the screen bar is made into an inverted trapezoid. During the operation, each screen bar will produce certain vibration, which can reduce the blockage of materials on the one hand, and increase the vibration of materials on the screen surface and improve the material passing through the screen.

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