What Is The Meaning Of TSX Circular Vibrating Screen Separator?

The circular vibrating screen separator is a process of passing granular materials through one or several layers of screens to divide them into several particle sizes according to their size.

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve

Working principle: the machine is driven by the motor to generate vibration from the vibration source, and the materials will jump on the screen surface under the action of the vibration force after being transported to the screen surface. Discharging at the end of the screen surface, thus realizing the separation of large and small materials

Advantages: convenient feeding, environmental protection and dust-proof, fine screening, convenient replacement, durable, stable performance, strong exciting force

The initial motion of the screen box is that the screen box is equipped with screens of different specifications. The fine vibrating screen mainly aims at screening, screening and filtering granular materials (less than 8mm), powder materials (less than 600 meshes) and slurry materials, while the heavy vibrating screen is mainly used for screening large materials such as mines and coal mines.

The circular vibrating screen separator is a device installed on the vibrating screen to evenly distribute the screened materials.In order to quickly and conveniently distribute the screening materials evenly, compared with the traditional manual screening, the most prominent feature of modern vibrating screen machinery is efficiency and precision.

Due to the limited manpower, the traditional manual screening not only has very unstable accuracy but also extremely low efficiency when sorting materials, while the vibrating screen can achieve fully automated, efficient and accurate classification and impurity removal by virtue of modern industrial design.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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