What Is The Meaning Of TSX Eccentric Vibrating Screen?

This series of screen machine embodies most of the advantages of the double shaft linear vibrating screen, and has the most extensive application scope and application prospects today. ZSK series block eccentric linear vibrating screen is equipped with sieve plates of different types and specifications, which can be used for dehydration, desliming, media removal and dry and wet classification of materials in various industries and different process systems.

Main features:

Due to the full optimization of the structure, this series of screens have the following remarkable characteristics compared with other linear vibrating screens:

 The exciter and screen box are connected by high-strength bolts, which overcomes many inherent disadvantages of riveting and welding connection.

Working process and principle of eccentric vibrating screen: the eccentric shaft rotates continuously when the eccentric vibrating screen is working When the eccentric distance moves upward, the screen rises, and the materials on the screen are thrown up and loose.

When the eccentric distance moves downward, the screen drops, and the thrown materials fall back to the screen surface by the weight. The materials on the screen surface are thrown up and down for many times, so that the fine particles smaller than the screen hole pass through the screen 7L and become the undersize products. The coarse particles on the screen larger than the screen hole are finally discharged from the end of the screen as the products on the screen.

So as to achieve the goal of dividing the particle group sieves with various particle size compositions into products with different particle size grades. In the process of high-speed vibration, the eccentric vibrating screen is subject to a large inertial force. The moving direction of the counterweights is just opposite to the moving direction of the screen.

The inertial force generated is equal to and opposite to the inertial force of the screen, ensuring stable and reliable operation of the eccentric vibrating screen. If necessary, the distance between counterweight and eccentric shaft can be adjusted to meet the above requirements.

The eccentric vibrating screen is a rigid vibration. Although the amplitude does not change with the change of the load on the screen, it produces strong vibration in the work, which is very unfavorable to machinery and buildings.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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