What Is The Meaning Of TSX Horizontal Vibrating Screen?

When the ZSG series vibrating screen is working, the synchronous reverse rotation of two motors makes the exciter produce reverse exciting force, forcing the screen body to drive the screen mesh to make longitudinal movement, so that the materials on the screen are periodically thrown forward a range by the exciting force, thus completing the material screening operation.

Main characteristics of DZSF horizontal vibrating screen and its application in the industry:

1.The horizontal screen has simple structure and convenient maintenance.

The horizontal screen is driven by a vibrating motor, which uses high-frequency vibration to drive the screen mesh and materials to vibrate forward and pass through the mesh of the screen mesh to complete the screening of materials.

Because the vibrating motor vibrates with high frequency for a long time, it is very easy to burn and other faults; In addition, the materials and screen mesh vibrate frequently for a long time, which is very easy to wear the screen mesh, and the screen mesh often has to be replaced frequently.

The main problem of the linear screen is that the equipment maintenance cost is high and the screen screen often needs to be replaced. Due to the simple structure of the linear screen, there is no technical difficulty in the equipment production, resulting in a large number of manufacturers, the products produced are good and bad, and the price is very different, which brings great selection difficulties to buyers.

  1. The screening effect is poor, the equipment is heavy and covers a large area, and the environmental noise is worrying

The grading and screening effect of linear screen is poor, and it is mainly used for coarse screening and grading of large particle materials such as mines and coal. For food, chemical, abrasive and other extremely fine precision screening, linear screen is not competent at all.

Under the requirements of production capacity and screening accuracy, the equipment volume and floor area will be relatively large. In the production process, dust flying and noise pollution are relatively serious, and the applicable environment of the overall equipment is less.

  1. Please know about the new round swing screen

In view of various problems and shortcomings of the linear screen, the new circular swing screen is completely upgraded. The new circular swing screen adopts low-frequency circular swing vibration, so the motor is not easy to be damaged, the screen screen is not easy to be worn and replaced, and the use cost is greatly reduced.

Multi stage screen grading, high screening accuracy, no blocking screen, large output. The round equipment is small and occupies a small area. It is suitable for equipment installation under various circumstances and is very flexible. The overall electricity cost is the lowest.

If you need to select and purchase the screening machine, I hope you can learn more about various equipment, especially the new products, because the new products not only perfectly solve the problems of the old equipment, but also basically have the same overall purchase cost.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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