What Is The Meaning Of TSX Industrial Vibrating Screen?

Industrial vibrating screens are generally divided into fine screening and mining screening equipment. For some customers, they do not know much about vibrating screens. For the structure and components of vibrating screens, they know little about their principles. The equipment principles and structures of vibrating screens are introduced.

Large mining vibrating screens are usually composed of vibrators The working body and the elastic element are composed of three parts to form a vibration exciter: the exciting force that produces periodic changes makes the working body produce continuous vibration. The commonly used vibrators are inertia type, elastic connecting rod type, electromagnetic type, hydraulic or pneumatic type, etc.

The fine screening vibrating screen is also a small vibrating screen, such as a rotary vibrating screen, a straight row screen and other small equipment will not be introduced. The electricity consumed by screening each ton of material is less.

The industrial vibrating screen is driven by the operation of the motor, which makes the vibrator generate vibration. The vibration part is connected by the spring to form a compound spiral vibration. When the upper and lower weights overlap and the phase angle is 0 °, the materials will diverge from the middle to the outside; When the phase angle of the heavy hammer block is 90 degrees, the materials will converge to the center.

Working characteristics of industrial vibrating screen: Tire coupling is used for flexible connection and smooth operation; Motor pedestal: The motor pedestal is mainly used to install the vibration exciter.

Before use, the connecting screws need to be tightened. It is unique to the newly purchased linear vibrating screen equipment, which should be tightened repeatedly to avoid events caused by equipment loosening. Damping spring: The damping spring can avoid transmitting vibration to the ground and causing abnormal vibration of equipment.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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