What Is The Meaning Of TSX Liquid Vibrating Screen?

It is applicable to materials with small processing capacity or few impurities, such as soybean milk and milk. The screen machine is made of stainless steel (304), small in size and can be moved freely. Therefore, the material used is 304 stainless steel design, and the inside and outside are polished, clean and sanitary.

Liquid vibrating screen, also known as liquid filter screen or slurry vibrating screen, is a single-layer vibrating screen specially designed for filtering liquid. The screen mesh is 400 mesh, made of 304 stainless steel, and the screening environment is sanitary. It is suitable for filtering materials with small processing capacity and good fluidity.

Power: 0.18kw

Screening area: Φ 400(mm)

Frequency: 1440

The working process of liquid shale shaker will adopt reciprocating vibration generated by oscillating excitation. The liquid vibrating screen is mainly composed of a latch, a vibrating bucket, a screen, a spring, a base cover, a motor and other parts.

Characteristics of liquid vibrating screen

  1. It can screen 400 meshes high without mesh blockage;
  2. 304 stainless steel is polished inside and outside, with higher screening precision, clean and sanitary;
  3. Hourly output: 300kg – 500kg/h, screening particle size: 0.038-5mm;

Main features of liquid vibrating screen: Special grid design structure, with screening mesh up to 400.

Operation of liquid shale shaker: make sure that the transportation locking device is removed before use. It is not allowed to repair, move or even disassemble the motor of the equipment during the use of the vibrating screen. The damaged screen and the completely damaged screen shall be repaired or replaced in time;

After each stop of use, the vibrating screen and screen mesh shall be cleaned. In addition, timely observation and monitoring shall be carried out to ensure that the selected screen is suitable for the slurry at a certain stage.

Working principle of liquid vibrating screen

  1. 1. Check whether each group of binding rings lock the shale shaker
  2. When starting: Vibration: with the data of model, screen surface specification, screen surface layer number, screen hole size, feed particle size, motor power, vibration frequency, double amplitude, people searching for vibrating screen can have a deeper understanding.
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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