What Is The Meaning Of TSX Mining Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is a relatively precise equipment, so it is necessary to be extra careful during transportation, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the machine, so it will not pay off.

Because the product equipment involves the long-term production output and quality in the future, many manufacturers are very careful in the process of selecting and purchasing crushing equipment, such as vibrating screen, and they are hands-on in field visit, inspection and commissioning. Such care still cannot avoid the abnormal operation of some vibrating screens after they are transported back to the plant. Why? In fact, most of the problems occurred during transportation.

Vibrating screen will be constantly bumped and collided during transportation, but the screen body and support frame of the shale shaker are connected by a vibrating spring, so protective measures are taken to prevent the failure of the shale shaker during transportation.

The first step of the shale shaker before being transported to the destination for use is to remove the transportation support. In order to prevent the damage of the shale shaker caused by the swing of the screen body and the collision with the carriage during transportation, the transportation support frame will be installed between the base of the shale shaker and the box when leaving the factory to fix the shale shaker and prevent the collision.

The transportation support needs to be removed before the shale shaker is put into use, and the shale shaker will be powered on directly without removing the transportation support frame, The linear screen will move irregularly, which is easy to cause personal injury.

As long as the customer pays a little attention to the small problems we mentioned, he believes that the equipment will operate normally even after a long journey, avoiding unnecessary trouble for production.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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