What Is The Meaning Of TSX Shaking Screen Equipment?

About shaking screen equipment Different industries, materials and applications require different vibrating screen equipment. We mainly start with fine screen vibrating screen equipment to understand them:

Our common circular vibrating screens equipment are three dimensional vibrating screen (rotary vibrating screen) and circular swinging screen.The rotary vibrating screen can make materials move horizontally, vertically and obliquely on the screen screen through the joint movement of the motor and the upper and lower eccentric weights, so it is also called the three-dimensional vibrating screen. The screening fineness is between 2 meshes and 500 meshes (0.028mm).

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve

High frequency vibrating screen: solid-liquid separation/treatment of solid and liquid mixed materials; Remove impurities and foreign matters. It is mainly used for screening viscous slurry materials such as ceramic glaze and slurry.

Straight row screen: used to remove impurities or separate two kinds of materials with different mesh sizes. Ultrasonic vibrating screen: ultrasonic system is added on the basis of conventional rotary vibrating screen, which is especially suitable for screening light, fine, sticky and electrostatic ultra-fine powder materials.

Gas shielded vibrating screen: equipped with gas protection device (ultrasonic system can also be installed at the same time) to isolate active materials from air through inert gas. It is mainly used for screening magnetic materials and 3D printing materials.

The utility model relates to a fine screening equipment which is more fine and has greater output than a rotary vibrating screen. The unit output area of the circular swing screen is 5-10 times that of the ordinary screening machine. The maximum output can reach 80t/h, the screening accuracy can reach 95%, and the screening fineness can reach 500 meshes or more.

 It has good screening effect for powder materials with 300 meshes or more.In addition, due to the soft screening method of the circular swing screen, it is very suitable for screening powder and brittle materials that are prone to generating static electricity, and can protect the shape of materials to the greatest extent from damage, such as chicken essence, flour, silica powder, protein powder, citric acid, xylitol, etc

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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