What Is The Meaning Of TSX Vibrating Grizzly Screen?

Vibrating grizzly screen is composed of many bars, which is one of the important equipment to improve product quality. The equipment adopts the feeding surface in the form of blind plate and bar, which can continuously and evenly feed the raw materials into the next process, and is suitable for the uniform feeding of large materials in front of the crusher.

Product features

  1. The outlet adopts a rod structure to prevent material blockage, which is conducive to material pre screening and improves crushing efficiency.
  2. As the vibration source, the vibration exciter can effectively improve the feed rate.
  3. The device is not only suitable for dusty environment, but also suitable for environment with high water content.
  4. 4. The operation is stable and reliable, not only can the material be fed continuously and evenly, but also the noise generated during operation is low, which will not affect the surrounding environment.

Product advantages

  1. The vibration motor of the equipment is a new type of vibration exciter that integrates power source and vibration source. The frame type ring groove rivet is riveted. The guard plate and bar made of manganese steel have advanced structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance, high efficiency and energy saving, and simple adjustment.
  2. The sieve plate is a modular structure, which reduces the maintenance times.  It has strong adaptability to various materials and high screening rate.
  3. The bar feeder is welded with plates and profiles to support the machine body. The feed is conveyed to the crusher or other equipment by vibration.
  4. Due to the role of bar screen surface, it can also remove small materials such as soil, which can not only achieve the function of pre screening, but also improve the coarse crushing capacity.
  5. With large processing capacity and twice theprocessing capacity of ordinary screen under the same screening conditions, it is the preferred model for civil engineering investment and expansion of beneficiation system.
  6. Generally, metal spiral spring or rubber spring is used to facilitate the elastic vibration of the machine body and reduce the transmission of vibration load to the foundation or structural frame.
  7. The bar screen rod is driven by the vibration exciter to produce complex movements such as oscillation, rolling, shifting and elasticity, and the screen plate has a strong self-cleaning function, which prevents the screen from sticking and blocking, and requires no manual cleaning.

Working principle and characteristics

The vibrating grizzly screen is driven b

y a new type of vibrating motor. This series of vibrating feeder is excited by a new type of vibrating motor or vibrator, riveted by frame type ring groove rivets, and made of manganese steel guard plate and bar. It has solid structure, high strength, and impact resistance, Wear resistance, easy to use and maintain.

Installation and maintenance

  1. a. The installed feeder shall have a 20mm traveling clearance, which shall be horizontal horizontally. The suspension device shall be connected flexibly.
  2. b. Before the air test, all bolts shall be fastened once, especially the foundation bolts of vibration electromagnetic, which shall be retightened once after running for 3-5 hours continuously.
  3. c. During feeding, the stability of amplitude, current and noise shall be checked frequently during operation, and the machine shall be stopped for treatment in case of any abnormality.
  4. d. The electromagnetic bearing shall be filled with lubricating oil every 2 months, and the lubricating oil shall be filled once a month in high temperature season.
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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