What Is The Meaning Of TSX Vibrating Screen Coupling?

A vibrating screen coupling, which is to install and fix the connecting flange plate and friction plate on both ends of the transition shaft in the same axis, install a clamp plate on the outer side of the friction plate through bolts, set a drive plate between the clamp plate and the friction plate, connect and fix one end of the drive shaft through the central hole of the pressing plate and the center of the drive plate, rivet and fix friction plates on both sides of the drive plate, and install and fix a drive flange plate on the other end of the drive shaft, The invention has the advantages of simple structure, good assembly process and overload protection function.

The coupling is one of the key components in the transmission of Vibrating screen. There are three common types of couplings: universal coupling, tyre coupling and rubber coupling.

(1) Universal coupling

In the transmission of screening machine, universal coupling is mainly used for the connection between motor and vibration exciter and 20 vibration exciters.

  • Tire type coupling

The tire coupling structure is composed of flexible tape sheet made of rubber belt and two half couplings.

When the tire coupling is working, the power is transmitted from one half coupling to the tape flexible piece, and then to the other half coupling. Since the flexible tape sheet has a large stiffness in the width direction, its tangential stiffness is far greater than the radial stiffness after it is combined into a coupling.

Therefore, the tangential force can transmit a large torque to drive the vibration exciter. With a small radial stiffness, it can withstand a large radial run out to achieve the purpose of vibration reduction, so as to realize the power transmission from the fixed motor to the screen box with a large amplitude.

(3) Rubber coupling

Rubber coupling, also known as three jaw flexible coupling, is composed of flange, round flat tape, pressing plate and bolt.

The coupling is simple in structure, but its axial size is relatively large, and it is often used to connect two vibrators. ZK linear vibrating screen is connected by rubber coupling.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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