What Is The Meaning Of TSX Vibrating Screen High Frequency?

The biggest difference between the high-frequency vibrating screen and the ordinary vibrating screen is that the high-frequency vibrating screen uses a two-stage motor as the excitation source, making the vibration intensity 2-3 times that of the ordinary vibrating screen.

Therefore, the biggest feature of the high-frequency vibrating screen is that it can quickly destroy the surface tension of the viscous slurry entering the screen screen, thus reducing their residence time on the screen screen and realizing rapid filtering.

High frequency vibrating screen is used for filtering and impurity removal of viscous slurry. It is not used for classification, but is commonly used for screening ceramic slurry, paint, paint, juice, etc.

Structural features of high-frequency vibrating screen:

The structure of high-frequency vibrating screen is similar to that of ordinary vibrating screen. The important structures include motor, screen frame and screen mesh.

The details of high-frequency vibrating screen are as follows:

  1. The round tube design of the discharge port limits the flow range of the filtered slurry, which can effectively avoid liquid splashing;
  2. The high-frequency vibrating screen is designed as a single layer, with only one layer of screen mesh for slurry filtration;
  3. The rubber baffle at the outlet plays the role of gate, which can be opened or closed according to the slurry situation, extending the material filtering time and improving the filtering accuracy;
  4. The adjustable open high support design can adjust the support height according to the height of the feeding equipment, which is more convenient to clean and prevent the motor from being damaged by liquid accumulation.

Thus, better separation conditions are created, so that the materials smaller than the separation particle size, especially the materials with large proportion, can pass through the screen hole together with the pulp to become the undersize products.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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