What Is The Meaning Of TSX Vibrating Screen Spring?

Classification and function of vibrating screen spring

The vibrating screen consists of a box, a vibrating motor and a damping spring. The damping spring on the vibrating screen can be made of different materials according to different vibrating screens, depending on the materials to be screened.

The spring of vibrating screen is a commonly used elastic element, which has the properties of good stability, low noise, long service life, high load capacity, good vibration isolation and noise reduction effect, and is widely used in various vibrating equipment.

  1. Steel wire compression spring: referred to as compression spring, it is a spiral spring that bears the axial pressure. There is a fixed gap between coils of the compression spring.
  2. Rubber spring: this type of shale shaker spring is a polymer elastomer, which has the properties of low self generated heat, good resilience, stable mechanical performance, long service life, low cost, etc.
  3. Composite spring: an elastomer composed of metal spiral spring and rubber, which combines the properties of metal spring and rubber spring in itself, and overcomes their shortcomings. Its shape and mechanical properties can withstand heavy load and large deformation, and has the properties of good vibration isolation and noise reduction effect, stable operation, short time passing through the resonance zone.
  4. Linear vibrating screen wire compression spring. This is an ordinary spring. It is a spiral steel spring under axial pressure. We use linear vibrating screen mostly.

This round spring uses different spring sizes for different models. This spring is widely used, so the price is lower.

Vibrating screen, straight row screen, etc.

  1. This spring can be used in dehydration industry or other industries. In addition, this spring has low noise and is suitable for

Low noise workshop.

  1. Composite spring. The full name is rubber metal spiral composite spring, which is a kind of spring wrapped with a layer of rubber material around the metal spiral spring

Spring. This kind of spring not only has the characteristics of compression spring that is not easy to deform, moisture resistant and corrosion resistant, but also has the characteristics of rubber spring that can carry large load and does not collide with metal

Spark characteristics, can be very good for large load, low frequency vibration isolation system of vibration screening equipment. However, the cost of this spring is generally high, and it is suitable for part I

Some enterprises.

The vibrating spring of linear vibrating screen can be divided into three types: steel wire compression spring, rubber spring and compound spring. The above is about the vibration spring used for linear vibrating screen

Introduction: The linear vibrating screen is mainly divided into two categories in the application process. Category – is for impurity removal, and category – is for classification. Different materials and different

The equipment size required by the output of is different, of course, it can also be customized according to different requirements. When selecting the linear vibrating screen, the appropriate vibrating screen surface should be selected

Specification, mesh size, equipment structure, etc.

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