What Is The Mesh Size Of TSX Circular Vibrating Screen?

Circular vibrating screen is a kind of machinery for industrial application, which can screen and classify materials in detail through vibration. Because a variety of media can be screened reasonably, we should pay more attention to the model of circular vibrating screen when selecting products. Different models are suitable for different production needs. Here is a brief analysis of the main contents of the model:

1、 Size and number of layers of circular vibrating screen

In the production and application of vibrating screen products, the specific functional design is different, so it is suitable for different production practices, and the requirements of specifications and standards are also very different. Especially, among the matching points of specifications, the selection and comparison of models of circular vibrating screen is the key point.

There are many screen surface specifications, such as 2100 mm * 6000 mm, or 2400 mm * 6000 mm, and there are two or three different types of screen surface layers. Of course, different manufacturers have different parameters.

2、 Sieve size and vibration specification of circular vibrating screen model

In the production of circular vibrating screen products, it is more important to screen different materials, and it is more important to have different selection specifications. The size of screening is the focus of specifications. Among them, there are different specifications and standards such as 6-50mm mesh size, but the frequency of vibration generally changes little, and 780 times per minute is more common. At present, the circular vibrating screen products with multiple uses are mainly of double amplitude design.

3、 Production capacity and productivity of circular vibrating screen models

For the application of production practice, the production capacity is the most important model of circular vibrating screen, which is affected by the power and the weight of reference machinable materials. The production capacity is generally above 100t, such as 100-300t per hour, 100-480t, 150-450t, etc. Machines with higher matching are selected for production applications. These basic production capacity and power standards are the focus of objective selection.

Mechanical products are widely used in production, relying on practical functions and matching specifications. Therefore, it is a key point for production enterprises to select a brand practical circular vibrating screen model matching machine. There are many models of high-quality circular vibrating screen products supplied by brands, but they still cannot meet the needs of complex production practices.

Therefore, when there are some special size needs while the production machinery products are widely used in production, you can apply for ordering products with specific size and specifications, so as to ensure a higher matching in production applications

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