What Is The Method To Measure TheTSX Vibrating Screen Quality?

Vibrating screen is mainly responsible for screening and impurity removal of materials during stone production. The quality of vibrating screen plays an important role in the quality of finished materials. How can we choose the equipment? Let’s introduce the method to measure the quality of the vibrating screen, so as to facilitate the purchase of equipment.

  1. Check the screening efficiency

When we measure the quality of the vibrating screen, the main factor is the screening efficiency. Generally, the vibrating screen has high screening efficiency, while the vibrating screen with relatively poor quality has low screening efficiency. When investigating screening efficiency, we mainly focus on the handling capacity of vibrating screen in unit time, which is directly related to the vital interests of users.

  1. The screening function of the vibrating screen mainly depends on the screen, so it is important for the screening operation of the vibrating screen. Because the screen mesh needs to bear the load of materials in the screening process, it is easy to wear.Once it is worn, it will seriously affect the screening effect of the vibrating screen, which will have a negative impact on the screening of the vibrating screen. Therefore, when we examine the quality of the vibrating screen, we should examine the material and quality of the screen mesh. Only the screen mesh can make the vibrating screen have a good screening effect.
  2. Check the failure rate of vibrating screen.

The failure rate of a vibrating screen in the screening process is relatively low. It is not easy to block the materials in the screening process. The screening process is more smooth and does not need to stop frequently, which avoids the loss caused by downtime. At the same time, it also reduces the maintenance intensity, reduces the maintenance cost, and makes users benefit more.

  1. Check the screening accuracy

One type of vibrating screen has high screening accuracy, which can screen out the finished materials with the particle size required by the user. It is less likely that the discharge specification does not meet the requirements, and there is no need to screen again, which greatly reduces energy consumption, production costs, and also greatly guarantees the quality of the finished materials. Therefore, it is important to choose one type of equipment when selecting the vibrating screen.

  1. Generally, the noise of the vibrating screen is relatively small, while the noise of the vibrating screen with relatively poor quality is relatively large in the production process of the vibrating screen. However, the relatively poor quality shale shaker has relatively high noise in the production process, which will cause damage to workers and is not conducive to the health of workers. Therefore, the noise situation of shale shaker should be investigated when purchasing to avoid adverse effects on workers.
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