What Is The Most Important Part Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

The vibration motor is the main vibration source of the vibrating screen. The vibrating screen relies on the vibration motor to provide vibration. Therefore, the vibration motor is essential for the vibrating screen, and the vibration motor must be matched with the vibrating screen in all aspects to play the largest role.

Nowadays, many manufacturers of vibration motors often adjust the excitation force of vibration motors to the maximum value when they leave the factory, and directly leave the factory after completing the test run of vibration motors. However, many users are not very accurate when selecting and using vibration motors, and the adjustment method of excitation force is not well understood.

In addition, the working environment of vibration motors is very harsh, Once the vibration motor is installed, few people consider whether the excitation force is suitable for use.

This has caused a considerable part of the vibration motors to work under a large excitation force. For example, the phenomenon of a large horse pulling a small car not only consumes electric energy, but also shortens the service life of the motor. Therefore, correct selection of vibration motor and adjustment of excitation force can not only improve the productivity, but also extend the service life of the motor. The exciting force of vibration motor is centrifugal inertial force generated by high-speed rotating eccentric block.

The eccentric block has a certain shape and mass, and is often divided into fixed and movable parts. For a certain type of vibration motor, the shape, mass and angular velocity of the eccentric block are determined by changing the coincidence angle (the included angle formed by the overlapping part of two eccentric blocks becomes the coincidence angle). By changing the eccentricity, the amplitude of the exciting force is changed to adjust the exciting force.

Vibration motor is widely used in various industries due to its simple structure, compactness and convenient installation, and its excitation force can be adjusted from zero to maximum as required.

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