What Is The Potential Safety Hazard Of The TSX Aggregate Vibrating Screen?

What are the hazards of the aggregate vibrating screen during operation? These hazards not only directly affect the production safety but also increase the cost of equipment maintenance, so only to understand what are the hazards of the vibration screen can be targeted for protection and solution.

  1. Vibration motor connection line: the role of vibration motor is to provide power for vibration screen, of course, motor connection line is one of the hazard sources. In the process of our use, if the connecting cable aging will appear leakage problem, once there is leakage, followed by electric shock and fire. Therefore, each shift line must be checked regularly and, if damaged, must be replaced immediately at the breakpoint:

2.Vibrating motor problems: if the vibration motor lacks lubricating oil or lubricating oil, impurities in the use process will cause the bearing to remain dead. The dead moment of the bearing will cause abnormal vibration of the equipment, which will directly damage the health of the operator. If we want to ensure the normal operation of the vibration motor, we must regularly check and replace the lubricating oil

  1. Operation of large vibrating screen: operation in large vibrating screen

It is forbidden to close, because the large vibrating screen will have a large shaking, a day someone

People can get damage nearby. Therefore, the equipment is not allowed to be entered when in operation, and it should wait for the equipment to be completely stopped after shutdown.


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