What Is The Practical Application Of Standard Vibrating Screen Machine?

Practical application of vibrating screen.

  1. Screening: sieving is to divide particles and powders into segments of different sizes.

A single vibrating screen can be equipped with three layers of screen, which can continuously separate 2-5 particle sizes and control a narrow range of particle size.

  1. Screening out impurities: high-performance screening machine can quickly remove large particles or small particles with low content in the process of high flow treatment.
  2. Transmission device:The vibrating screen mostly adopts a V-belt transmission device, its structure is simple, and the speed of the vibrator can be selected at will. But this device belt slips off easily when running. Some use the shaft drive to directly drive the vibrating screen, so that the speed of the vibrator can be kept stable, but the speed of the vibrator cannot be adjusted.
  3. Vibration isolation device

Vibration isolation devices are divided into coil springs, leaf springs and wear-resistant rubber springs. The coil spring has small dimensions, good consumption performance, low stiffness, and does not require fasteners, but its lateral stiffness is poor, and it is easy to cause horizontal arrays; the leaf spring has small dimensions, good vibration isolation performance, and high stiffness, but it is not suitable for large Amplitude:

Wear-resistant rubber spring has a large load-bearing deformation capacity, multi-directional load, wear resistance and oil resistance, good vibration reduction effect, small resonance field, and long life. It is a better choice for vibration isolation devices. At present, the application effect of wear-resistant rubber springs in my country is better than that of TSX Group.

In order to make the vibrating screen run normally and at high speed, the selection of components is more important. Appropriate components should be selected to form the vibrating screen according to the type of ore and the output of the concentrator.

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