What Is The Principle Of Newly Designed TSX Vibrating Screen?

Regardless of the machine’s design, the principle is the same: vibration destroys the surface tension between the particles, which in turn forces them apart. Particles that are too small are called “fine particles” and then pass through the sieve surface.

Vibrating screen components include screen frames, beams, motors, vibrators, damping springs, screens, etc. We can provide a variety of vibrating screen components.

The TSX vibration screen uses rubber springs as elastic supporting elements and the vibration source, generating excitation force through the rotation of the eccentric block, causing the screen box to produce reciprocating circular motion. .

Through repeated comparison with the sieve hole, the material with a size smaller than the sieve hole is screened, and the material with a size larger than the sieve hole is screened on the surface of the sieve, thus completing the process. screening.

The TSX vibrating screen of the mine, as the name suggests. This equipment is a screening equipment used in the mine for detection and filtration. And has the characteristics of long service life, low noise and high screening efficiency. It is a vibration screening equipment suitable for ores, natural ores, coke and other powdery materials.

The lateral side of the screening machine is made of high-quality steel plate, and the lateral side is connected to the beam and the foundation of the excitation machine through high-strength bolts or ring-groove rivets. The screening machine is installed on the seat. Adjustment of the tilt angle of the screen surface can be achieved by changing the height of the spring bracket.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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