What Is The Principle Of TSX Banana Vibrating Screen?

The banana sieve screen surface is divided into several areas of different inclination, with export and entrance, the amount of different materials in the area and the ratio of flow rate is approximately the same. Banana sieve is a working cycle, repeated vibration reciprocating motion, so that the material on the sieve plate in a straight line to move the sieve, the slope of the entrance end is greater, generally 34 degrees.

As the slope of the downward extension is smaller and smaller until the exit, down to 10 degrees, and then the side view is like a banana, so the slope of each part is different, the flow rate is also different, the purpose of this is to make large materials faster through the sieve hole, small materials pass through the sieve earlier, greatly improving the efficiency. But it also reduces the use of occupied land.
The banana vibrating screens are now used extensively in coal processing plants in coal mines. , is playing an important role. Banana sieves are widely used in coal mines for processing and making the produced materials meet the standards.The banana vibrating screens has advanced design, frame structure, low noise and is maintenance-free. The working principle of banana sieve has: banana sieve using synchronous operation of the exciter to excite the two exciter and rotate in the opposite direction, the two groups of bias mass in the vibrator are equal, for synchronous reverse operation.

In each instantaneous position, the centrifugal force generated by the two groups of eccentric masses along the vibration direction is always superimposed on each other, and its radial centrifugal force is always cancelled by each other, thus forming a single direction of the excitation force, so that the sieve box makes reciprocal linear vibration. Thus, the screening effect is achieved.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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