What Is The Proper Installation Slope Of The Linear Vibrating Screen?

The gradient setting of linear vibrating screen is related to the materials to be screened. The linear vibrating screen is suitable for screening non stick dry powder and particles with water content less than 7%. When the water content of the material increases slightly, the linear vibrating screen can adjust the gradient appropriately.

一、Influence of slope of linear vibrating screen

Linear vibrating screen

  1. Impact on screening output

The materials of linear vibrating screen equipment move in a straight line on the screen surface. Generally, the linear screen has a certain inclination angle to promote the flow of materials on the screen. In general, if the customer does not require screening fineness and has requirements for screening output, we can appropriately increase the gradient of the linear vibrating screen, improve the jumping speed of materials on the screen surface and promote the material passing rate.

2, Affect material grading

The gradient of linear vibrating screen will affect the classification of materials. The screening principle of linear vibrating screen is that the materials jump forward under the force, and the materials fall up and down by the force driven by the screen machine. If the slope is too small, the jumping height of materials is low, the force of falling screen becomes smaller, and the classification of materials is not sufficient. Only a proper slope can make the classification of materials clear.

The installation slope of thevibrating screen is generally determined by the actual situation on the user’s site, and different types of vibrating screens have different angles; The design and installation range of common types of vibrating screen is: the installation angle of vibrating screen is more than 30 degrees, the angle of inclination of vibrating screen for general use is 0-15 degrees, and that of vibrating screen for dehydration is 5-10 degrees upward.

Probability screen equipment is basically used in the mine. The inclination angle of each layer of probability screen can not be the same. The average speed of material movement is usually 0.15~0.30m/s. Generally, probability screen faces with an inclination angle of 15~60 degrees can also greatly reduce the possibility of material plugging. Therefore, particles in the screen are easily discharged from the screen bore under vibration conditions

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