What Is The PU Vibrating Screen Mesh?

PU Vibrating Screen Mesh(Polyurethane Vibrating Screen Mesh)

Polyurethane Vibrating Screen Mesh is a mesh product made of polyurethane.

Polyurethane Vibrating Screen Mesh are very common in the coal mining industry. Vibrating Screen Mesh hole shape have slit, rectangle, circle, squar and so on.

TSX Polyurethane vibrating screen mesh is mainly used in mining vibrating screen machine. Used for screening coal, sand aggregate and other non-coal materials.

Polyurethane vibrating screen has many advantages compared with stainless steel vibrating screen.

1.The service life and wear resistance of polyurethane vibrating screen are relatively good. Generally speaking, the service life of polyurethane vibrating screen is longer than that of steel structure vibrating screen, and the wear resistance is 3-5 times that of stainless steel vibrating screen.

The vibrating screen has a longer service life than the rubber vibrating screen, and its service life and wear resistance are more than 5 times that of the rubber vibrating screen.

  1. The polyurethane sieve plate is not easy to damage, saves labor costs, greatly reduces maintenance costs, and greatly reduces the amount of maintenance and the number and time of downtime and maintenance.
  2. Polyurethane vibrating screen mesh can help you save money. The prices of stainless steel vibrating screen mesh and polyurethane vibrating screen of the same specification are much different. The cost of stainless steel sieves of the same quantity and same specification is about twice the cost of polyurethane sieves
  3. Polyurethane vibrating screen meshcan provide screening work for a variety of materials. It can work in various media environments such as water, oil, asphalt, etc.\
  4. Polyurethane vibrating screen can be designed and produced in various pore sizes and shapes, and are not easy to be blocked. Some polyurethane vibrating screen can even achieve self-cleaning effect.
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TSX Screen

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