What Is The Purpose Of Double-Deck Vibrating Screen?

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Generally, the coarse screen is below 50 meshes and the fine screen is above 80 meshes.

The purpose of using vibrating screen is to select products with required particle size through screening operation with different mesh sizes according to specific production requirements. Filtering, impurity removal and grading

High frequency double-deck vibrating screen is the most important screening equipment in mineral processing industry. The overall weight of the screen machine is light, the operation noise is low, the energy consumption is low, and the maintenance is free.

Although vibrating screen has many applications, problems such as corrosion, blockage, adhesion, uneven distribution of feeding materials and machine damage still exist. Please don’t worry, because these problems are very common in today’s market machines, and we will try our best to avoid and solve them.

These issues are closely related to the productivity of the process. We need to minimize these problems, which will usually bring productivity and time efficiency, and effectively ensure the overall assembly quality of the screen machine.

Screen body structure: simple design, reasonable structure, avoiding resonance, improving the reliability of the screen machine, and stable operation. We also need to ensure that the overall structure is free of residual stress.

Because the function of vibrating screen is to classify materials of various shapes and sizes, it is necessary to model and classify these characteristics.Before each screen machine leaves the factory, we need to conduct various tests on it to ensure that each product has no problems

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