What Is The Quality Comparison Of Vibrating Screen?

There are many manufacturers and brands of vibrating screens. How can we compare the quality of vibrating screens of the same type?

1, The vibrating motor is the vibration source of the vibrating screen, which is a relatively core component. The high-quality vibrating screen should be equipped with a high-quality vibrating motor.

Vibration motors should be made of good materials. Generally, high-quality all copper wires are used to form winding materials. The resistivity of copper wires is low. The smaller the resistivity is, the greater the over-current of wires is, and the more stable the current is; The passing current of copper wire per unit area is also larger.

2, the material and material of vibrating screen. The same vibrating screen can be made of various materials, including carbon steel, 304 stainless steel and 316L stainless steel. The materials selected shall be suitable and applicable according to the different materials and screening requirements of users. Prevent some bad merchants from using inferior materials.

3, the configuration of vulnerable parts of vibrating screen. The accessories of the shale shaker include bouncing ball, damping spring, sealing ring, screen cleaning device, etc. The completeness and quality of accessories are also important aspects to measure the merits of vibrating screen. We take the common bouncing ball net cleaning device as an example

  1.  The vibrating screen is blocked. When the sediment or water in the materials to be filtered is relatively high, it is easy for the materials to stick to the screen hole and block the screen hole. The vibrating screen manufacturer shall clean the screen hole in time, and adjust the water spraying amount and screen surface inclination appropriately.
  2. The vibrating screen is severely worn. After long-term use, the vibrating screen is prone to screen hole wear, which will have a great impact on the screening effect. Therefore, the vibrating screen manufacturer recommends that you repair the worn screen hole in time.
  3. The feeding of vibrating screen is uneven. When the feed chute of the vibrating screen is narrow, the screened materials cannot be evenly distributed along the entire screen surface, which will also affect the screening quality.
  4. The vibrating screen will feed more materials at one time, which will result in thicker materials, and screen hole blockage is likely to occur, which will seriously affect the screening effect of the vibrating screen
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