What Is The Reason For The Large Difference In The Rental Price Of Different Vibrating Screens?

The price difference of vibrating screen is mainly shown in the following aspects

1: The enterprise scale and brand effect of the vibrating screen. In the same type of vibrating screen series, the enterprise scale is large, the brand market reflects the market well, and the price must be slightly higher, but the difference is not very big. The difference between the raw materials and raw materials of the vibrating screen brand products and ordinary enterprises is generally less than 15%.

2: Different manufacturers of the same type of vibrating screens have different weight of profiles, but the models are the same and the technologies are different. Although the screen machines seem to be similar, the depth optimization of the machines is still obvious in terms of output. Some machines may screen hundreds of kilograms an hour, while others can screen several tons. This is the gap. The gap in technology requires long-term production experience.

3: For special vibrating screen models, all manufacturers mainly calculate the price based on comprehensive factors such as difficulty in development, market prospect and after-sales service. Therefore, when purchasing a shale shaker, you need to find a professional shale shaker manufacturer.

Cooperate with companies with certain strength and guarantee. Sometimes the price is slightly higher, which can better ensure the interests of users. The profit margin of vibrating screen is basically equal. If the price is too low, it will violate the market principle and the quality will certainly not be guaranteed.

The above are the reasons for the price difference. If you have other questions, please consult Yuanchuang Screening, which specializes in swing screen and screen machine experts.

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