What Is The Reason For The Small TSX Vibration Screen Amplitude?

Vibration screen is increasingly widely used in the quarry sieve stone, so how can users use it for the size of the vibration sieve amplitude?Users can adjust the speed of the screen by adjusting the amplitude of the vibration, so how do you adjust it? So what causes the small amplitude? Next, we will analyze the reasons for the small amplitude of the vibration screen in the actual production:

  1. Insufficient power supply voltage

For example, the vibrating screen is designed in accordance with 380V three-phase electricity. If the line is not connected according to the regulations, the voltage is insufficient, and the vibration screen amplitude will be small.

2、Large feed amount and large material accumulation

If the stone transported to the sieve surface at one time exceeds its bearing range, the remaining material or accumulation in the sieve surface and the sieve material funnel is too much, resulting in the increase of the equipment load and affecting

  1. 3. Cause of equipment failure

1) Motor or electrical components are damaged

Check the motor first. If the motor is damaged; then check the electrical components in the control line, and replace the electrical components first.

Supplement: There are many causes of motor burning: such as loosening of anchor bolt, improper installation, adjustment of eccentric block, lax sealing of protective cover, ambient temperature, etc., will cause motor burning.

(2) Vibrator fault

Check the consistency of the grease in the vibrator, add the appropriate grease, and then check whether the vibrator is faulty, and repair or replace it in time.

It should be noted that in the process of adjusting the vibration screen amplitude, whether to increase the eccentric block weight of the eccentric block, or adjust the eccentric block of Angle, or increase or decrease counterweight flywheel and pulley counterweight block (axis eccentric vibrator), vibrating screen vibration source (vibration shock or vibration motor) adjustment amount must be the same, otherwise it will cause equipment damage.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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