What Is The Reason Of The Often Bad TSX Vibrating Screen Bearings?

Vibrating screen is commonly used in mining mechanical equipment. Its vibration generation is mainly realized by vibrator. Many vibrators use the eccentric block external overall structure.

The most common problem in this structure is that the bearing life in the shock absorber is short, and the bearing heating and burning loss often occur, which seriously affects the normal operation of the vibrating screen. This article shares the cause of the shock device failure

  1. Design reasons

(1) Unreasonable bearing type selection.

Vibrating screen rolling bearing in the process of work by feed impact load is larger, by eccentric block high speed rotating centrifugal force and centrifugal acceleration is larger, combined with the working environment dust, so the use type of bearing, limit speed, installation size, gap, self-lubrication performance requirements are higher, ordinary bearing work under this bad condition is easy to damage.

(2) The lubricating and sealing structure design is unreasonable

In the process of shock working, the shaft bears a large radial force under the high rotation of eccentric block.

(3) The expansion amount of the shaft is not considered in the design.

The operating temperature of the ator is generally between 60 and 85℃. The expansion amount of the axis caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction cannot be ignored.

  1. Causes of process

(1) The machining accuracy of the bearing hole is not enough, and the two bearing holes are different from the same shaft.

(2) Uneven force during bearing assembly.

If the force in the cold assembly process of the bearing inner ring is uneven, resulting in the bearing inner ring has a certain deflection in the relative axis, so that the wear of the outer ring of the bearing is accelerated.

(3) The bearing is not clean when installed, or the lubricating oil is not clean, resulting in the bearing roller wear, the increased friction of the rolling body, the temperature rise, and the final damage to the bearing.

(4) The mass difference of group eccentric blocks is large or the installation Angle error of group eccentric blocks is large, which causes the central fibrillation of the vibration source and causes the bearing fever.

  1. Reasons for use and maintenance

(1) Due to uneven foundation or incorrect spring seat installation, cause improper movement of the sieve body, resulting in rotation or distortion of vibration sieve, and heat damage of shock shock bearing.

(2) The center of gravity of the Vibrating screen error is large, which causes the abnormal movement of the sieve body, resulting in the heat damage of the vibrator bearing.

(3) The fixed bolt of the vibrator is loose or without the loose spring washer, which causes the center fibrillation of the vibration source and causes the heat damage of the vibrator bearing.

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