What Is The Relation Between Vibration Amplitude Of TSX Vibrating Screen And Material Size?

TSX vibrating screen appears in the coal industry, construction industry, energy industry and other industries in various countries. It is mostly used for coal classification, desliming, dehydration and disintermediation. It is also applicable to the screening and classification of other minerals.

Its working efficiency is largely affected by the amplitude of the vibrating screen, and the amplitude setting is related to the size and nature of the sieved material, such as size, humidity, and viscosity.

When the particles screened are small, humid, and viscous, the amplitude of TSX vibrating screen will be set to low frequency and large amplitude. On the contrary, it is high frequency and low amplitude. The larger the amplitude of the TSX vibrating screen is, the lower the blockage degree of the screen hole will be, and the materials will be more easily screened; The smaller the amplitude is, the easier the screen hole is to be blocked and the more difficult the material is to be screened. Therefore, different materials should have different amplitudes, different functions, and different vibrating screens should be selected.

TSX vibrating screen includes TSX horizontal vibrating screen, TSX banana vibrating screen, TSX flip-flop vibrating screen, TSX circular motion vibrating screen, TSX sieve bend, TSX high-frequency screen and TSX grizzly feeder vibrating screen, TSX horizontal vibrating screen and TSX banana vibrating screen are used for grading of large and medium particulate coal or non-coal materials.

TSX flip-flop vibrating screen is used for screening viscous materials difficult to screen, TSX circular motion vibrating screen is used for grading primary and secondary materials, TSX sieve bend and TSX flip-flop vibrating screen are used for dehydration of materials, and TSX grizzly feeder vibrating screen is used for pre-screening and feeding.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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