What Is The Scope Of TSX Vibrating Screen Application?

At present, most people do not know what vibrating screen is used for and where it is applied.In fact, vibrating screen is not only useful in work, but also widely used in all aspects of life. Vibrating screen has been widely used in light industry, chemical industry, mining, building materials, coal, smelting, light industry, chemical industry and many other industries.Speaking of industrial screen, it is necessary to lift the linear vibrating screen.

The motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate through the belt and pulley, and the machine body reciprocates in a certain direction through the connecting rod. The moving direction of the machine body is perpendicular to the centerline of the support rod.

The application range of vibrating screen is very wide, almost involving all aspects of life. In the market, various types of vibrating screens are required in the process of processing and manufacturing. Vibrating screens are mainly used in light industry, chemical industry, medicine, food, mining, coal, smelting, and other industries. Most vibrating screens are used in mining plants.

The products of vibrating screen machines are also very useful in the pharmaceutical industry, but some pharmaceutical factories have not correctly understood and used vibrating screens, so today we will also introduce the common sense of using vibrating screens in the pharmaceutical industry.

Therefore, rubber accessories must also meet the food level health standard (silica gel), and the screening equipment required by the pharmaceutical industry must pass the GMP production standard. Vibrating screen is strictly used in pharmacy

The requirements of the standard must comply with the GMP production standard of the pharmaceutical industry, which means that the drugs passing the screening will be contaminated.

In fact, as a simple screening machine, the so-called GMP standard actually means that, as far as the material is concerned, it must be 304 stainless steel. The selection of rubber parts must be medical grade. In fact, no matter which industry, the role of vibrating screen is roughly the same, so the use skills are also similar

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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