What Is The Sieve Bend Screen?

The sieve bends can be divided into fixed type and vibrating type. From the installation mode, it can be divided into hanging type and seat type installation. The screen body can be turned over to extend the service life of the screen plate. The tilt angle of the sieve bends equipment can be adjusted appropriately according to the site conditions. The vibration motor excitation force of the vibrating arc screen can be adjusted within a certain range to meet the dehydration effect of the sieve bends.

In general, the sieve bends is installed in front of the power screen to reduce the area of the power screen. This kind of vibrating screen has the characteristics of simple structure, good dehydration effect, less blockage of materials, small footprint and easy maintenance; The screen machine comprises a screen box with a wrap angle of 45 degrees, 60 degrees and a curvature radius of 2030 mm

sieve bends

Advantages of sieve bends:

  1. The vibrating screen has a simple structure and can be used for screening without power. Compared with the slit screen, the processing capacity and screening efficiency are slightly higher;
  2. It can be used for dehydration and medium removal;
  3. The structure of the vibrating screen is fully closed, does not leak, and can improve the working environment;
  4. The screen box and screen mesh of the arc-shaped vibrating screen can be made of stainless steel according to the user’s requirements, and the screen surface angle is arc-shaped through the screen, which is easy to leak, wear and corrosion;
  5. The sieve plate and feed inlet can be automatically cleaned.

Working principle of sieve bends:

Dewatering principle: separate the slime water according to the cutting effect of the feeding side of the screen bar and sharp edges on the slime water; The sieve bends is also divided into vibrating vibrating screen and fixed vibrating screen, which are selected according to the moisture content of materials and different occasions of use. The positions of the feeding end and the discharging end of the sieve bends can be adjusted according to the overturning of the feeding box, screen box and screen machine base shaft. It is very convenient and flexible to operate, and can be worn evenly, making the service life of the sieve bends longer.

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