What is the speed of horizontal centrifuges?

The Aury WSL Series horizontal centrifuges and ML Series horizontal vibrating centrifuge are all excellent products with fantastic quality and acceptable price.

The Aury WSL series horizontal vibration centrifuges and ML Series horizontal vibrating centrifuges are industrial centrifuges manufactured by Aury Australia Pty Ltd, which specializes in providing screening and vibration equipment for the mining, coal, and mineral processing industries.

These centrifuges are designed for dehydration of fine coal slurry in coal preparation plants. They use centrifugal force to separate solids and liquids, and vibration motion helps with the dehydration process.

The main features and advantages of the Aury WSL series horizontal vibration centrifuge include:

Efficient dehydration: The centrifuge is designed to effectively separate water from fine coal slurry, helping to achieve higher product quality and reduce water content.

High capacity: These centrifuges are typically designed for high throughput, enabling coal preparation plants to effectively process large amounts of materials.

Sturdy structure: Aury centrifuges are typically made of sturdy materials to withstand harsh operating conditions in coal processes.

Low maintenance: They can include features to minimize downtime and maintenance requirements, ensuring continuous operation and optimal performance

Customization options: Aury centrifuges can provide customization options to customize equipment according to specific requirements of the coal selection process or customer preferences.

Equipment characteristics:

Rotating Mechanism

The WSL series of centrifuges utilize the highest quality SKF bearings with high load carrion capacity and low noise characteristics. Screen basket angles have been developed to maximize dewatering performance while providing high throughputs, baskets can easily be replaced.

Rotating junctions are sealed using a double oil seal/labyrinth oil seal system to ensure no oil leaks or contamination of oil, and a long service life.

Vibrating Section:

The two vibrating motors are reliable and easily serviced. The units utilize greased and sealed bearings preventing oil leakage and providing reliable trouble free operation.

Machine Section:

High Strength alumina tiles lined for all wearing surfaces of centrifuge of box-design.

All assembly  surfaces are processed by CNC machines to ensure high precision and axiality.

All welded parts reach to Level 1 standard by NDT tested prior to annealing treatment.

The centrifuges are of high strength, greater stability, compact size, high safety factor.

Lubrication System:

The forced circulation lubrication system is used for lubrication, cooling and cleansing, and is easy to maintain.

The labyrinth lubrication use a special automatic lubricator, which can automatically fill oil and is maintenance-free.

Overall, the Aury WSL series horizontal vibration centrifuge aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the coal removal process in coal preparation plants, helping to improve the quality and productivity of the final product.

The Aury ML Series Horizontal Scraper Centrifuges are a type of industrial centrifuge manufactured by Aury Australia Pty Ltd. These centrifuges are designed for solid-liquid separation applications across various industries, including coal, mineral processing, and chemical industries.

Here are some key features and aspects of the Aury ML Series Horizontal Scraper Centrifuges:

Design: The ML Series centrifuges typically feature a horizontal rotating drum with scraper blades inside. This design allows for continuous operation and efficient separation of solids from liquids.

Solid-Liquid Separation: The centrifuge operates by generating a high gravitational force, which causes the denser solids to settle at the drum’s wall while the lighter liquid phase is discharged through the centrifuge’s outlet.

Scraper Mechanism: Inside the centrifuge drum, scraper blades continuously remove the separated solids from the drum’s surface. This mechanism ensures effective separation and prevents the buildup of solids, allowing for continuous operation.

Applications: The Aury ML Series Horizontal Scraper Centrifuges are versatile and can be used for various solid-liquid separation processes. Common applications include dewatering coal fines, clarifying liquids, recovering valuable solids from liquid suspensions, and other industrial processes requiring efficient separation.

Customization: These centrifuges may offer customization options to suit specific industry requirements or separation processes. This can include variations in drum size, scraper design, material construction, and control systems.

Efficiency and Reliability: Aury Centrifuge Basket are designed to provide high efficiency in solid-liquid separation while ensuring reliability and durability in demanding industrial environments.

Equipment Characteristic:

Rotating Mechanism:

The ML Series centrifuges of optimization design incorporate high precision and strength differential mechanism, SKF bearings for long trouble free operation, low noise.

New structure scraper is for smooth operation. The machine design also facilitates even basket loading reducing dynamic vibration.

Less moving parts in the centrifuge, design means efficient, reliable operation, and shorter down times and maintenance costs.

High rotate speed, slime recovery and drainage efficiency.

All moving parts are enclosed in a protective cover, which is easy to operate reliably.

Vibrating Section:

The ML centrifuge incorporates a professional torque overload protection device and oil supply system protection device.

Machine Section:

The ML Centrifuge housing scraper, feed chute all covered with high strength Alumina wear tiles to reduce wear and extend machine service life.

Lubrication System:

An independent lubrication system is used for lubrication, cooling and cleansing. The system is equipped with oil circuit protection function to ensure operation safety of system with less maintenance.

Overall, the Aury ML Series Horizontal Scraper Centrifuges are utilized across industries for their efficiency, reliability, and versatility in solid-liquid separation processes, contributing to improved productivity and product quality in various industrial applications.

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