What Is The Structure And Function Of Each Component Of TSX High Frequency Vibrating Screen?

High frequency vibrating screen is a commonly used screening equipment in flotation process, which has a wide range of applications in mineral processing, coal preparation, metallurgy and other industries. Today, China vibrating screen industry network small series mainly analyzes the structure and role of its components.

High frequency vibrating screen is composed of shaker, pulp distributor, drawing device, screen frame, frame, product collection device, hanging spring and laminated screen and other components.

The high frequency shaker generates the excitation force required to grade the material. Its appearance is long cylindrical, its length is equal to the width of the screen frame, and there are many heat sinks on the outer surface. The material is aluminum alloy with good heat dissipation performance. The middle of the long cylinder is equipped with a three-phase AC vibrator motor, and the two ends of the motor shaft are equipped with a pair of oscillators. The oscillator composed of the biased block and the biased block, change the Angle between the biased block and the biased block, you can change the magnitude of the exciting force, so as to change the amplitude.

Vibrator action directly to vibration motion of the screen frame, screen frame by four rubber spring with the help of screws fixed on the bracket, the screen frame is suspended.

The pulp distributor is similar to the hydrocyclone with flat bottom and no overflow pipe. It feeds ore in the tangent direction and drains ore in the tangent direction divided into three strands. In order to reduce the impact of the pulp on the screen surface, reduce the damage of the screen mesh, increase the service life of the screen mesh, the ore feeder is equipped with about 6mm (adjustable) porous rubber plate from the screen surface. The pulp flowing down from the pulp distributor is given to the screen surface evenly and slowly through the uniform plate, gas slot and porous rubber plate.

The screen surface of high frequency vibrating screen is made of stainless steel woven screen, its stiffness and strength decrease with the sieve hole, so support screening fine grain material screen surface bracket should make the screen surface easy to tensioning, in the transverse force is more uniform, do not produce uneven phenomenon, in order to improve the service life of the screen and the uniform distribution of materials; At the same time, the support bar of the bracket can not be too dense, so as not to reduce the effective area of the screen surface and reduce the quality of vibration as far as possible.

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