What Is The Theory And Selection Of TSX Vibrating Screens?

TSX vibrating screen can be used for desliming, desintering, dewatering, grading, etc. Nowadays, there are many kinds of vibrating screen, which are widely used, no matter which type of screening equipment, it is necessary to choose the right one, each vibrating screen has different layers and specifications, which can screen many different materials and different sizes of materials, which are widely used in mines, coal fields and other places.

TSX vibrating screen has a variety of types and uses, is a new, efficient screening equipment, not only can be used for mining ore can also be used in metallurgy, mining, construction and other industries, can be sieved materials, screening impurities, filtering liquids, material dewatering and other functions is a low energy consumption, high efficiency, installation process fine products.
For the moisture of the material, the type of material, the size of the screening efficiency can choose a different vibrating screen.
During operation, the vibrating screen produces a very unstable motion. The process of separating bulk materials into different particle classes by one or more layers of vibrating crushing surfaces is called screening.

The function of vibrating screen is to make relative motion between the screened material and the screen surface, so that some particles pass through the screen holes several times and separate the materials such as sand, gravel and minerals into different grades according to the particle size of the vibrating screen.
It is the best choice for environments where large amounts of material need to be screened but space is limited, with single, double and triple deck screeners available. With the benefits of efficient operation, simple operation and customizability, it offers everything you need to do your best work.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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