What Is The TSX Aggregate Screen?

Sand aggregate vibrating screen:

Purpose: TSX series vibrating screen is a new type of screening equipment developed to meet the requirements of the aggregate production line of the current industry for multiple particle size classifications and strict environmental requirements.

Working principle: TSX series vibrating screen uses two vibrating motors or two four side plate motors in series as the excitation source. Two motors or two groups of side plate motors operate in reverse direction to achieve self synchronization. Its vibration track is straight. The screen has 1-3 layers. It is a fully enclosed structure. The design amplitude is generally within the range of 5-7mm.


  1. It can realize multi granularity classification of products.
  2. The whole screen surface is divided into the front and rear sections, realizing slightly different tilt angles of the front and rear sections, so as to achieve accurate screening.
  3. By increasing the number of screen layers, the bottleneck of insufficient screening and material layer thickness caused by excessive particle size content or large grading particle size span in secondary crushing can be solved.
  4. Fully enclosed structure, meeting environmental requirements.
  5. Stable operation, energy saving and convenient operation.

Almost every sand and gravel production line will be equipped with one or more sets. With the continuous expansion of the sand making industry, the demand for shale shakers is growing. Do you want to screen more sand and gravel aggregates? The type of vibrating screen should be known.

Introduction to the types of vibrating screens commonly used in sand and gravel production

  1. Generally, several finished products can be produced with several layers of screen. The circular vibrating screen uses an eccentric block as the exciting force (its exciting force is relatively strong), and then makes a circular motion, so the screening efficiency is very high. It is more suitable for screening sand and stone materials in large quarries, as well as for coal preparation, mineral processing, power, chemical industry and some other industries. During the operation of the round vibrating screen, the vibrating screen in the screen box is strong, so it is rare for materials to block the screen hole.
  2. Linear vibrating screen

Compared with circular vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen has lower screening efficiency, and its motion track is linear, which is more suitable for small-scale mining or screening of fine materials. It is widely used in coal, metallurgy, light industry and other industries, and can be used for dry and wet classification or dehydration of medium and fine materials. It is characterized by stable and reliable operation, long service life, low noise, easy maintenance, and totally enclosed structure without dust spillage.


Sift out the specifications of stones with different particle sizes

Do you want the sand and gravel aggregate to be screened high? These small knowledge of vibrating screen should be known

  1. The screening effect of the screen machine is related to the thickness and distribution of the materials on the screen surface. The angle can be adjusted according to the particle size of raw coal and the feeding amount to adjust the uniformity of the materials on the screen surface.
  2. Several water spraying pipes are installed above the screen surface of the screen machine. The water pressure can improve the screening rate and classification effect, and remove impurities attached to the coal. The use of pressurized water on the sieve can improve the effect of medium removal and significantly reduce the consumption of medium.
  3. The vibration exciters on both sides of the screen machine are connected by universal couplings. When replacing, pay attention to the straightness of the joint surface of universal couplings. The universal coupling has been dynamically balanced before delivery, and the flatness of the coupling is directly related to the amplitude of the screen machine.

During replacement, the eccentric block of the vibration exciter shall be naturally sagged, and then the universal coupling shall be connected and fixed with the coupling of the vibration exciter. The difference in the position of the screw hole is adjusted by adjusting the position of the spline. It should be noted that the coupling length and spline length should be reasonably selected to avoid insufficient coupling length or spline seizure.

Which vibrating screen is easy to use?

It is meaningless to say which is better to use the vibrating screen or the roller screen. Although both belong to screening equipment, there is still a big difference. The key is to see which is more suitable for your factory. After all, what is suitable for you is good.

  1. If you need to separate the sand and stone with more stone powder, it is recommended to use a roller screen; If it is only for general sand and gravel separation, choose vibrating screen;
  2. If the material you want to deal with has a large water content, such as coal gangue, it is recommended to select a roller screen to ensure production efficiency, which is not easy to block the material; If the material you want to deal with is dry and has large particles, it is recommended to use a vibrating screen, which has higher screening efficiency;
  3. If you have high requirements for the production environment, it is recommended to choose a roller screen. The closed screen cylinder makes the working environment more environmentally friendly and has almost no noise;
  4. If your factory is mainly used for screening sand and other raw materials, it is recommended to choose roller screen; If your factory is mainly used for screening big stones and other raw materials, choose vibrating screen.
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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